Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Forbes Living on How to Lose Weight Quicker

There are some very easy things to do to lose weight quicker and Forbes Living TV shares them with readers.

Ditch the “going all the way” mindset for one that is easier to follow. Replace it with one two healthy swaps and losing weight might be easier.

Vow to dine out once a week or even once a month. By skipping daily or even three times a week meals dining out, save calories and money.

When grocery shopping, buy healthy snacks instead of salty or sugary ones.

Eat a decent breakfast. More diet successes are made when the dieter eats a healthy breakfast. It takes very little time and its curbs hunger for hours.

Find a way to squeeze exercise into your day. Run in place during TV commercials. Do a few sit up. Walk around outside on your lunch hour. It all adds up when coupled with healthy eating to boost weight loss.

Forbes Living TV suggests ridding the pantry and fridge of the snacks that make us fat. Replace them with dried nuts and fruits, juice drinks, vegetables and other healthy fare.

Work out like a rock star. Load up your favorite listening device and work out longer listening to favorite songs.

Plan dessert. If it is a piece of chocolate for dessert or a glass of wine with dinner, cut back on other high calorie, high fat foods and use the calories saved for this. Reward yourself.

There are other tips and tricks to losing weight. Forbes Living TV wants to know what you do to drop pounds.