Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Forbes Living TV on the Value of Movie Trailers

The value of movie trailers is felt for film makers, producing studios and movie viewers. Everybody wants to know a little something about the film before it is released on a wide scale basis. Forbes Living TV takes a look at the value of the movie trailer.

One hundred and fifty seconds is all it takes to entice the ticket-paying public to go and see the film. Most movie trailers are that long and their intent is to tickle the public’s interest in the film. The best and most successful trailers are released months before the film is out.

Movie trailers are also big business in the entertainment industry where the producing studio can spend as much as $1 million per 2 1/2-minutes on one. Take into consideration that YouTube viewers watched 1 billion movie trailers through the first three quarters of last year, according to Trailerpop, a company which tracks them. The ads for the trailers even generated their own award show – the Golden Trailer Awards. All of these factors will determine how good the movie trailer is and is how financially successful the movie itself will be. So how are they made? Forbes Living TV peeks behind the highly secured doors of their production to explain.

Film editing companies and their editors receive raw footage of the movie on a flash drive. From there, they condense the movie into a short 150 seconds of exciting, enticing action without giving away too much of the plot or blowing the ending. Today’s movie goer wants know more about the plot before they plunk down the $15 to $20 for one ticket. So film editors crank out the trailer and the studios market test it to see if it reveals too little or two much. In very rare cases, the movie trailer is rated as better than the film itself.

Forbes Living TV learns that many film editors think of the trailers as little movies themselves. There are apps for them which the public can download to watch the best ones available, play games to win movie-related prizes and engage in energetic discussion about the upcoming film. All this generates good publicity buzz about the film which hopefully translates to big bucks. To see the 2014 top 10 movie trailers, click here. But not when you’re at work.

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