Monday, May 18, 2015

Forbes Living TV Shares Inside Airline Tip for Consumers

The next time a flight is delayed or the flight crew does not show up, refuse the meal voucher and request cash instead. Yes, they can give that to the passenger and more. These tips from Forbes Living might help land a free travel voucher or more from an airline which seriously messes up your travel plans.

If a flight is delayed more than two hours, the U.S. Department of Transportation has rules which give passengers up to $1,300 if the airline cannot re-route the passenger within two hours of the flight. Yep, two hours. Not four and not eight.  Decline the free meal voucher and get a check on the spot. They can do that.

Need more? If the airline can get the passenger to their destination between one and two hours of the scheduled domestic flight, or one to four hours on an international flight, the airline still owes the passenger compensation of 200% the one-way fare to your destination, up to $650.

We at Forbes Living know what it’s like when the airline misroutes luggage. The bag may be delayed and not necessarily lost and will eventually get to the passenger. But, if there was something important in that delayed bag, such as a wedding dress, tuxedo or a business suit needed for an event, the airline owes that passenger more than the $25 or $50 is offers. They can owe you up to $3,300 in liability on a domestic flight. But do keep all receipts for backup.

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