Monday, May 11, 2015

Forbes Living TV Savors Alone Time

Forbes Living TV savors alone time. Even though we are busy at work, busy as home and wanting to always connect with friends and family on social networking sites, sometimes, being alone can be great.

More than 50 percent of American adults are single. That’s a lot of people who might spend a lot of time by themselves. Some people might not consider themselves alone if they have a pet. But for those who do not have a pet, being alone can be rather nice.

There are plenty of activities that are better when done solo: going to the movies, enjoying drinks and appetizers at happy hour, shopping and traveling. Working alone also has its benefits. People tend to be more creative when they can think and brainstorm alone, and then join a group to share ideas. Forbes Living also recognizes that being alone can really help clear the mind. It is easier to think and wipe negative thoughts from consciousness when no one else is near to interrupt.

People who are married or in a relationship can also benefit from me time. It is essential to have some quality time alone in order to maintain a healthy relationship.  We all need some space and the quiet it brings to regroup. Take some alone time for yourself today.


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