Monday, December 8, 2014

Forbes Living TV Reminds Readers to Not Forget Beloved Pets during the Holidays

This is the time of year when gift giving reaching is in abundance, decorations can go over the top and pets are forgotten. Forbes Living TV reminds readers to not forget beloved pets during the holidays.

Someone in your life has a furr-baby that is as important to them as kids are to parents. When shopping for holiday gifts, please don’t forget to get the four-legger a gift also. Small boxes of treats are sold in every grocery store. Your friend or relative will also very much appreciate you thinking of their baby.

If taking the family pet along to visit is a must, please bring small animals in carriers and use leashes for bigger animals. There is nothing more stressful and heartbreaking than a cat or small dog that gets loose from the vehicle and runs away or gets hit by a car. Secure all pets in the car. Please also be sure all vaccinations are up to date and claws are trimmed to not slash and gash anyone.

If staying with relatives or friends with a pet, be sure to let them unwind and distress in a room with a closed door. They can just as easily get out and get lost in an unknown home.

Forbes Living TV also recommends taking along their favorite toys, treats and blankets. If leaving the cherished family pet at home with a pet sitter, be sure to leave a small pile of your clothes on their favorite nap spot. This makes them feel like you safe and secure.

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