Friday, December 5, 2014

Forbes Living TV Asks Readers about Live Performances on TV

Did you catch the live performance of “Peter Pan” on NBC last night? Do you watch live shows like that when they air? Forbes Living TV wants to know what readers think about these types of performances.

There have been several live performances on television this year.  We’re talking about the totally live, see as they are being performed right now shows. Is this something you appreciate and take time to tune in and watch? Or do you prefer a traditional scripted program or reality show? The entertainment industry is coming up with new ways to entertain the viewing public these days.  There are more Internet programs, mobile clips to view and enjoy, live musical performances, reality type TV programs and of course, sports.

Forbes Living TV wants to know what you like to watch on TV. Tell us what you think about the programming you see regularly. What do you like and don’t like?  We admit we didn’t catch the live “Peter Pan” performance recently.  It’s Christmas movie season and we were all caught up in that.

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