Friday, December 12, 2014

Forbes Living on How to Make Holiday Travel a Breeze

There is no doubt about it: holiday travel can be stressful. Travelers who are flying or driving will more than likely find long security check-in lines, possible flights delays and crammed full flights. Drivers should expect heavy traffic on the nation’s roads. Forbes Living offers suggestions for making holiday travel a breeze.

Plan ahead. 

If flying, be sure you have everything you need to breeze through the security lines handy. This includes boarding passes, drivers licenses, shoes and jackets off, all loose items in pockets stored in a baggie in an under the seat bag, cosmetics in easy to reach baggies, and tablet and laptops ready to put in the bins.

Keep other airlines schedules handy for your destination in case there is a long delay or cancellation. Keep your patience in check and your kindness up front. These will net you a better chance of getting onto another flight than an entitled attitude.

When boarding, take your time. Store your carry-on carefully with the wheels in back. Take your seat and store the under the seat bag securely under the seat.

If driving, gas the vehicle up the night before leaving. Then pack all items.
Prepare some snacks the night before and grab them with bottles of water to take on the road.
Be sure all doors and windows are locked and the thermostat is set on 78 or higher to save energy.
Slow down on the road. Let the hurried drivers pass.
Take turns doing the driving if the trip is long.

Enjoy each other’s company.

Forbes Living TV wishes everyone traveling through the holidays a safe and peaceful journey.

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