Thursday, December 11, 2014

Forbes Living and the Best Amenities in the Airport

Yoga studio at DFW airport

Forget the corner newsstand which sells magazines and newspapers from around the world. Forget the restaurant that sells gourmet healthy meals. Forbes Living learns some big city American airports offer relaxation, farm fresh fruit and veggies and grow their own food not far from the gate you’re about to depart.

Major city airports in the U.S. are upping their game when it comes to what they offer in terminals and near departure gates.  From yoga studios and spaces to organic food, airports may very well once again be taking us back to the day when flying was fun and something to look forward to. Some airports are bringing in local breweries, farmers markets, and green, peaceful places to de-stress in-between flights. Forbes Living knows that travelers remember the airport by what there is to eat and buy. The more eclectic the offerings, the more people will spend some of their money in that airport which contributes to the city. It is a win-win for everyone. Passengers get restful places and cool places to spend some money, and the airport and city boost their revenue. Hopefully, this will translate to more visitors to the city. The city of Pittsburgh was one of the first in the nation to try a different way to get passengers to spend money. Their street pricing and upper-end stores appealed to almost very kind of traveler. The formula worked then and it works now.

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