Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Forbes Living TV Offers Information about Head Lice

We’re hesitant to write an article about head lice, but sometimes there are topics we must cover in the Mommy Must Haves series. So without further ado, Forbes Living TV shares some facts about it that might be helpful to know.

Head lice is not a sign that you or your kids are dirty. But this is often the misconception. In fact, someone gets lice from another person. And all the scrubbing of the head and scalp will not help get rid of it. It has to be treated.

There are several good products sold at pharmacies and grocery stores which help families get the itchy little buggers. Ask the family doctor which one is best for everyone.

Treat the rest of the house for lice too. Wash bedding, towels, clothes and stuffed animals in the hottest water possible and dry on high heat. If the items are not washable, stick them in a plastic bag for a few days and this should kill them. Lice do not like heat and needs blood to survive.

The best way to get lice out of hair is to use a long tooth comb specifically made for it. Go through each section of hair using conditioner or detangler spray to make it easier.  Start at the scalp and work your way through all of the hair looking closely for nits and live lice. This should be done every day for two weeks since it takes about that long to be sure it is all gone.

Forbes Living TV suggests being kind to people whom you’ve heard might have head lice. After all, they got it from someone and it could have been you.

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