Friday, October 31, 2014

Forbes Living TV Looks at Early Black Friday Sales

Do you think it is too early for holiday shopping? Most Americans do not think so. So do many big name-brand retailers. Forbes Living TV takes a look at the early Black Friday sales being offered now.

Amazon and Wal-Mart are going neck to neck in the sale arena. The giant online seller of almost anything is offering what they call Lightning Deals starting November 1. Not to be forgotten, Wal-Mart may match prices with Amazon for many items bought online and give customers free shipping to boot. And it is cutting the price on 20,000 items. Target is offering free shipping for orders purchased online through December 20. Forbes Living TV suggests readers sign up for deals and discounts online with favorite stores. It also helps to Like them on Facebook where daily deals are often posted. Holiday sales started early this year as the retail association noticed a marked uptick in revenue. Shoppers should keep eyes open for news on other stores getting in on the hopefully lucrative holiday shopping season. Want to see who will have the best sales soon? Check out The Black Friday website to view the ads and find early sales news.

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