Friday, November 7, 2014

Forbes Living TV Explores the Benefits of Community College Degrees

Westmoreland County Community College, PA

It wasn’t that long ago when high school guidance counselors discouraged students from attending a community college. But things are different today. The benefits of going to a local school can be good, as Forbes Living TV learns.

A study conducted by the journal Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis found that earning a degree or getting a certificate from a community college can increase a worker’s salary in the long run. Employees who attended a one year program also noted job advancement in their chosen careers. Those who took shorter programs did not seem the same results.  Community college graduates or certificate holders used to not get the respect they deserved from prospective hiring managers. But that’s changed today as more students are choosing community college over a four year college.

Community colleges usually offer their programs at a much lesser cost than the traditional four year degree programs. Schools are closer to home and are offering science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) courses which are highly sought in today’s work force. Forbes Living TV also learns that students who earn an associate’s degree or a long-term certificate have a better chance of getting a job and earning more over the long run. It might just pay to explore the programs offered at a community college near you.

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