Thursday, August 28, 2014

Forbes Living with Tips for Pets Who Miss Their Kid-Siblings

The family pet mopes all day long waiting for the kids to get home from school. Some become so anxious that they destroy blinds, doors and other objects. A neighbor’s pooch becomes so upset when her family is out of the house that it viewed up three sets of mini blinds before they brought in another dog to keep the wild one calm. Forbes Living offers tips for pets that miss their kid-siblings when school starts.

A great summer for the dog or cat is having their human siblings around to play with and cuddle up to. But once school starts, what’s a sad and lonely pet to do until the school bus comes back or the front door opens? Make school departure time happy and fun with treats and toys. Toss the ball one more time or give the family four-legger a treat before heading out. Make a safe place for the animal to stay in during the day. Crates work well for this especially if the dog is trained to go in it when young. This is their safe space. Don’t draw out saying see ya later to the dog. Make it quick and then go out the door. If school already started, start the new school routine for the pooch over the weekend. Forbes Living TV recommends getting the family pet used to the new schedule as soon as possible. If the animal has serious anxiety problems, go see the vet and ask if there is anything that can help. Animals are family members just like their human buddies. Look after then and they will look after you.

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