Friday, August 29, 2014

Forbes Living Details How to Get Through Security Lines Faster

If there is one thing than can derail the happiness we feel when flying out of town for a vacation, it is having to wait in airport security lines.  Those who travel frequently know the frustration of watching someone who doesn’t know how to breeze through security take off shoes, empty pockets, take off belts and remove digital devices from bags. Forbes Living shares details on how to get through security faster.

It pays to pay for the TSA PreCheck program. For only $85, a frequent passenger can skip all the above for five years. Skip the long regular security line and head straight into the short PreCheck line. Breeze through and get to your gate.

International frequent travelers can sign up for the Global Entry program (only a little more than PreCheck). This speeds up the process when re-entering the U.S. from an international origination point. Both PreCheck and Global Entry require the fee and some other documentation, plus an interview with Homeland Security.

Know what to leave at home: cigarette lighters, lighters shaped like guns, anything that resembles a grenade, large jars of creams, lotions, and other thicker substances.

Forbes Living TV also reminds readers that the full body scanners take a cookie cutter image of the body now. There are no more scanners which show what appeared to be a naked body image.

If paying for faster security is not something one wants to do, this is what to do before getting to the security stand: empty all pockets of any items, remove shoes and hold them in your hand, do not wear a belt, take off your jacket, take out laptops and tablets, and take out the baggie with personal care items. All of these things have to go in the bins and be run through the X-ray machines. Lessen the load (and bins needed) by packing the rest in an under the seat bag. You can always take out what you want after clearing security. Fly through security faster and with less stress.

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