Saturday, August 9, 2014

Forbes Living Warns of the Folks Who May Be Hazardous to Your Wedding

Forbes Living notes that weddings are an interesting phenomenon:  a huge, intricate theatrical show choreographed by amateurs who know nothing about how to do that.  But despite this fact, most weddings come off without a serious hitch and form beautiful memories for the couple and both families for a lifetime.  And then there are those weddings that don't.  Wedding hiccups are usually the product of an unruly guest or two.  So how do you know a guest might be trouble?  Here are a few types to watch out for.  First of all, like at any ceremony, meeting or show, people should turn off their phones so they are not constantly ringing and so the guests are not texting during the wedding.  A simple announcement should cover this, but be prepared for those who just will not silence their phones for anyone.  Those people shouldn't even be on the guest list.

Forbes Living has discovered a list of people who might be in most danger of turning your big day into a big mess.

The Forbes Living TV show warns those planning nuptials that there are some people who just should not be there.  The next on the list is the whining bridesmaid.  If she's been nothing but trouble during the wedding preparations, either dis-invite her or draft someone else to hold her hand during the big day and keep her from becoming too big a problem.  Anyone who adds a "plus one" without informing you may be a problem, and more so the "plus one", since that person is less invested in your happiness, could be trouble.  Make sure your bartender(s) are prepared to cut off abusive drinkers so that they don't make a scene and rob you of your moment in the spotlight.  And perhaps the biggest concern is the "Demon Mother-in-Law from ..." well, you get the picture.  In order to keep her under control, you're going to need the help of your groom and maybe most of his family.  Unless it's your mother who becomes a problem.  Good luck on your big day!

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