Monday, August 11, 2014

Forbes Living and the Coming Craze of Membership Dog Parks

There are dog parks and then there are the spiffy membership dog parks. These are cropping across the East Coast and soon may be coming to open green spaces near you. Forbes Living takes a look at what these elite walk and play parks have to offer.

In New York City and a few other places, people are buying unused land and turning it into a great place for dogs to walk, run, play and socialize. For a fee. These are membership only parks where dogs are screened to see if they have been socialized and to see if they are aggressive. Perhaps the pet owners should be screened also.  They are paying the fees – which can be as low as $25 per year to $425 a year – to have a private space where they know the other dogs and pet owners. While some of the parks have steep fees, which cover all of expenses they put into it, like insurance and waste removal, other parks are not charging the pet owners for them.

Forbes Living TV knows that every dog park, whether it is run by the city or privately, will have its share of pet owners who let the dogs run around without any supervision and those who do not pick up after their pets. These members are asked to leave and their membership is revoked. We want to know: would you pay for a private dog park or rather use a free city park?

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