Friday, August 15, 2014

Forbes Living Reveals How the Moon Affects Us

La Luna as the Moon is often referred to can bring people together, make people go a little crazy and induce birth. Forbes Living offers a few more ways a Super Moon can affect us.

A study from Japan tracked 1,000 births in women who had not been induced. They found more babies were born the closer the Super Moon was to Earth, when the gravitational pull was the greatest. A full moon had no effect.

A Super Moon can mess up a good night’s sleep. A study tracked the sleep patterns of participants in a sleep lap where they had no access to clocks or see outside light. They woke and slept on a normal basis. The data collected found that in the four days before and after a full moon, it took the test subjects longer to fall asleep, they slept less and didn’t fall into a deep sleep. They also had less melatonin, which helps us fall asleep.

ForbesLiving learns that a full moon can affect surgeries too. Patients who had heart surgeries spent less time in the hospital when their surgery occurred when there was full moon. They were also less likely to pass on from the surgery.

A full moon and a Super Moon are beautiful, natural events in the sky. Take time to go outside and appreciate the magnificence of one. Take your love with you. But remember that the word lunatic is derived from the latin word luna.

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