Monday, August 18, 2014

Forbes Living Celebrates the Lefties in our Lives

There are very few people in the world who are true left-handed people. Only about ten percent of the population uses their left hand for common, every day tasks. Forbes Living shares some facts about those odd left-handed people.

Left-handers tend to get into more fights. But they tend to win those fights because the opponent doesn’t expect a left-handed hook across the face. The element of surprise is nice for a leftie. This tactic works well for those who play sports too.

When watching someone speak at an event, notice which hand the speaker uses the most. Lefties raise their left hands when speaking about something good. On television, when someone raises their right arm, it looks like it’s on the viewers left. Also, left-handers use their brains in fair distribution. Some scientific studies found lefties seemed more creative and resilient then right handed people. Yet other studies found left-handers more prone to memory and mental disorders. We also tend to forget about left-handed people. Scissors, computer mice, some flatware and more are often made more for the right-handers than left.  Forbes Living TV also reminds readers that five of the last seven presidential candidates we elected into office were left-handed. Does this mean we (the public) trust a left-handed person more than a rightie? Or it is all just a coincidence?

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