Monday, July 7, 2014

Forbes Living with International Travel Updates

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security issues an advisory to all people traveling into the United States from other countries and continents about digital devices. Forbes Living reviews this new rule and others that international travelers will need to know.

International travel will usually mean better security coming and going abroad. In light of this, there are some new guidelines that people traveling to the US from other countries should know: travelers will be asked to turn on any smart phones, cell phones, tablets and laptops they have. Failure to turn it on might mean it will be confiscated. Shoes are also another concern and travelers may be asked to remove them for the X-ray machine. At US airports, extra steps are already being taken to test random passengers for chemicals and compounds used in making explosives. Forbes Living urges those traveling overseas to be sure they pack a converter for electricity in order to keep electronics fully charged before leaving the country visited. This will ensure the device will go on if asked to turn it on by airport security.

International travel is fun and a rewarding experience. Be sure to pack what you need and want for the adventure and place important items in a carry on bag, such as a light rain coat, medication, clean undergarments and travel-size personal hygiene items. Chargers and cords can be corralled into baggies with the item name written with a Sharpie on the bag. Pack carry on bags so the items are easily identifiable to airport security and make getting through it as easy as possible.

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