Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Forbes Living on How to Easily Save Some Money

There is always time to find ways to save more money, especially during the summer when everything seems to slow down. Forbes Living shares a few examples of where to find some extra dough to sock away.

Review cell phone bills and policies to see if there are any savings to take advantage of such as less usage or getting rid of replacement insurance.

Automate bill payments and automate savings deposits. Too many people do not trust banks and merchants when it comes to automated bill payments. The theory is if there is a billing mistake or service issue, there is no recourse since the bill has been paid for the month already. But making a late payment costs money. As for savings, the expression “out of sigh out of mind” comes to the forefront. If it’s automatically deposited every month, it won’t be spent.

Forgo plastic. Use cash instead. Determine how much cash is needed for the week and withdraw that on Saturday or Sunday morning. Instead of regularly swiping a debit or credit card spending more than wanted, use the cash on hand instead.

Wait before spending hard-earned money on something major like a new TV. Wait 30 days and then ask if it’s a must have or want to have. Forbes Living also believes it may go on sale.

These are easy ways to save money every day, week and month.

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