Thursday, July 10, 2014

Forbes Living Offers Signs That Your House Is Run By Your Cats

Forbes Living, along with most of the nation, loves cats.  The little furry creatures are the single most popular pet in the country.  But the age-old question remains:  do you adopt cats or do they adopt you?  And who's really in charge in a household full of felines?  Here are some signs that your home is run by your cats.  One of the primary signs is multiple litter boxes, some kept in relatively unusual or inconvenient spots.  That signifies the home of someone who has surrendered to the inevitable and would rather place a preemptive litter box at the site of a previous calamity, than to be repeatedly cleaning up messes. 

Forbes Living salutes lovers of the feline species who build their lives around their pets.

The Forbes Living TV show recognizes another "tell-tail" sign that the cats are in charge:  they sleep where they want to, you adapt to them.  Whether a favorite spot in the sunlight, a cushion on the couch, the claiming of a part of the bed or your computer keyboard, Cats will snooze where they feel like at any given moment and their well-trained humans will just have to work around them.  Finally, the expensive, designer-fashioned cat tree, purchased so that your felines might spare your fine furniture and other decor, usually dominates the style of your home.  However, usually the scratching post is in a pristine state while the lower sections of the sofa, chairs and even wood furniture are shredded almost beyond recognition.  All of this, we endure for the occasional lap session of petting and a nurturing rub against our legs.  These critters usually know when we're feeling down, and will come to us and brighten our lives when we need it most.  For that, we can grant them the run of the house.

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