Thursday, June 12, 2014

Forbes Living Talks Good Nutrition for Heart Health

There are many foods which are good for our health, and then there are foods which are good for our hearts.

Chicken and fish are two foods which are high in protein and ones which help prevent a stroke or heart attack. Twenty grams of protein from these two reduces the possibility of a stroke by 20 percent. A study recently published in the journal Neurology found that animal protein rather than protein from vegetables lowered cholesterol better. High cholesterol is one of the culprits of strokes. The researchers studies more than 254 thousand people from different countries and found that the protein from animals, (excepting red meat) is better. Fish is the preferable choice as only 20 more grams of protein from it could lower stroke risk.

Forbes Living also suggests a diet that includes beans, olive oil and other heart healthy foods. Stroke is a major health issue in the U.S. If having more filet per week could mean possibly erasing the risk, it is well worth it. Some fish is more affordable than others, such as tilapia. Supermarkets and discount stores carry a good variety of frozen fish which is also affordable and easy to store at home. Take time to ask the clerk at the fish counter in the store which kinds have more protein than others. Also, ask if they have any recipes which can be tried at home. Good nutrition for heart health is easy and affordable.

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