Friday, June 13, 2014

Forbes Living on Truly Amazing RVs

Inside an amazing RV

When was the last time you rode in an RV? Chances are that might have been long before these huge and elaborately detailed vehicles were on the road. ForbesLiving takes a look inside some truly amazing RVs.

For those who drive a small to mid-sized car, the RVs of today seem like a beast on the road. They are nearly the size of a commercial bus and outfitted with some mighty bells and whistles. They have the comforts of home from king sized beds to wide screen HD televisions, a full kitchen and are beautifully decorated. It is home for many who choose to live in one while exploring the country.

Recreational vehicles can be bought or rented. For those who want to pack more and bring more on long journeys, this is the transportation mode to consider. And for people who just have to have a balcony, some models come equipped with a pull out balcony to sit back and admire the sunrise or sunset. Let’s say you also want to tool around a new city in something easier to park. Some RVs provide a separate cargo space to store a small car in, and most others include a towing feature.

The Forbes Living TV show also notes there are smaller models for people who want something to hitch on the back of a heavy duty pick-up truck. While they do not offer some of the luxuries of the larger models, they do give the traveler a safe and comfortable space to sleep, make meals and move around in.  If your next vacation idea is to see America, why not explore the many versions and price ranges available. You just might be surprised at what you find and can afford.

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