Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Forbes Living Reports That Money Overcomes Sex in the Choice of a Mate

Forbes Living asks:  should this come as a surprise to anyone?  Money trumps all else in the selection of a partner and the success of a relationship or marriage.  Any male who has ventured onto the dating scene soon learns the pecking order of attributes and where affluence fits on the list of desirable traits.  Money is on top, and that trend carries into a permanent relationship, whether or not that involves marriage.  In a survey conducted by the credit check company, Experian, a prospective partner's financial status even beat out sexual compatibility in importance -- 96% of respondents listed financial wellbeing as critical, over sex which came in at 95%.

Forbes Living finds that finances can be thought of as more important than anything else within a relationship.

The Forbes Living TV show notes that difficulties over money counts as one of the most common factors in divorce or the breaking up of relationships.  Not only is personal wealth deemed to be an important factor, but the willingness to talk about money matters is seen as equally critical.  Among all but the very rich families, the ability to discuss and plan the family's financial fitness can be seen as a deal-breaker for many people.  It would seem that the part of the wedding vows that reads "for richer or poorer" is not taken at face value any more.

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