Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Forbes Living Explores Traveling Alone

Many of us have spent time in the family car on summer vacation. We have also spent a great deal of time on spring break holidays and some of us on honeymoons. While these kinds of vacations were spent in the company of other people, sometimes it’s nice to go solo. Forbes Living takes time to explore the benefits of traveling alone.

Traveling alone has its benefits: you are able to follow your own agenda for the day, you can eat wherever and whenever you wish, you can easily get a single ticket for a museum or other place of interest, and most often, it is fun to go to a restaurant solo.

Volunteer vacations are great for single travelers. There is no one to slow you down. It forces shy people to talk to the others. And there is no one else to possibly embarrass you. But, there are some considerations to think about and plan for before departing.

  • Go online to be sure the destination is safe.
  • Schedule flight arrivals and departures for daytime or early evening.
  • Never walk on dark, unlighted sidewalks.
  • Never park a car where there is no light either.
  • Men and woman should dress on the conservative side since most other countries look down on provocative clothing.
  • Don’t wear expensive jewelry or family heirlooms since they scream “steal me”.
  • Take tote bags and purses on the lower end of the fashion scale. Leave the designer goods at home. 

Forbes Living TV also suggests keeping in touch via Facebook (without using FourSquare or a GPS locator) and email to let family and friends know where you are.

Traveling alone is a great way to visit and explore new cities and countries. Because sometimes our own company is best.

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