Monday, May 12, 2014

Forbes Living TV and Why Gardening is Therapeutic

Digging in the dirt and planting flowers, bushes and veggies not only beautifies the backyard, but gives us a good mental health boost to boot. Forbes Living shares the good news about gardening.

Anyone who has spent a little time planting a container garden or one which is larger can attest to the fact that it feels good to get your hands dirty. It also feels good to know that you’re beginning something you are vested in seeing grow and bloom – literally.  Some therapists are treating patients with a new treatment called horticultural therapy. Those who gain the most benefits from it are those who are anxious, stressed out, or depressed. Planting live things makes people feel happier and more alive. It is a mild form of exercise for both the body and the brain. It eases stress. It awakens the brain. It is relaxing.

However, Forbes Living TV notes that therapy gardening is a bit different than home gardening. People who are taking horticultural therapy do it away from the home. Professional gardeners come by to help keep the planted items alive. The patient can either plants things or can sit in a garden-like area and work a little bit with the plants and flowers. If being outdoors is something you enjoy, take time to find and create your own therapeutic garden. Plant herbs which are fragrant and can be dried and used for other purposes. Try to grow vegetables and fruits to eat also. It’s all good and all good for us. Invest in your own type of horticultural therapy and begin to feel better.

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