Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Forbes Living TV and the Fear of Flying

Flying in an airplane is a common fear. Many people are afraid of being in the air and off the ground. Forbes Living TV takes the fear of flying and offers some tips about how to handle it.

Statistics prove that more people will perish in a car accident than in an airplane crash. In fact, scientists say we are more likely to choke on food than be inside an airliner when it goes down. Here are the hard facts:
  • According to the National Transportation Safety Board, there were no U.S. domestic plane fatalities in 2012.  Stats for 2013 have not been released yet.
  • There were 33,000 people killed in vehicle accidents in 2012.
  • Over our lifetime, we’re more likely to kill ourselves (1 in 106), drown (1 in 1,112), or choke on food (1 in 3,842), as noted by the National Safety Council, than to be in an airplane disaster.

Pteromerhanophobians – people with a fear of flying -- will find no comfort in those facts. But Forbes Living wishes to make flying less nerve-wracking for aerophobians.
  • Let the flight crew know about fear when boarding. They will go the extra mile to help ease it.
  • Sit as close to the front of the plane as possible. There is less turbulence up there.
  • Download air travel apps and track where the might be turbulence.
  • Take comforting items on board such as calming music, audio books, celebrity gossip magazines, and tablet games. These will act as good distractions.

Safe travels, America.

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