Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Forbes Living Reports on the States with the Highest and Lowest Obesity Rates

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index recently reported on the states with the highest and lowest obesity rates in the U.S. Forbes Living takes a look at what might be behind the percentages.

While it is not a proven fact, it often seems as if people living in states where income is generally low may make food choices which are not healthy. In fact, many frozen and processed foods are less expensive than fresh food. Residents in these states also reported a higher percentage of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and depression. ForbesLiving TV suggests finding affordable healthy foods and walking every day after dinner as a family.
10 States with Highest Obesity Rates
Mississippi: 35.4%
West Virginia: 34.4%
Delaware: 34.3%
Louisiana: 32.7%
Arkansas: 32.3%
South Carolina: 31.4%
Tennessee: 31.3%
Ohio: 30.9%
Kentucky: 30.6%
Oklahoma: 30.5%
Residents in these states tend to earn more than those in the above states, and therefore, have more income in which to spend on healthy foods. They are also states whose health officials have programs for and encourage healthy living and regular exercise.
10 States with Lowest Obesity Rates
Montana: 19.6%
Colorado: 20.4%
Nevada: 21.1%
Minnesota: 22.0%
Massachusetts: 22.2%
Connecticut: 23.2%
New Mexico: 23.5%
California: 23.6%
Hawaii: 23.7%
New York: 24.0%
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