Friday, February 28, 2014

Why Newer and Better Food Labels Matter

Forbes Living TV is loving the new look to food labels which consumers will see at the store soon. They are easier to read and replay the nutritional information we want and need, rather than what the food manufacturer wants.

The USDA published a report last month that showed 42% of working-age adults between ages 29 and 68 look at food labels in the store. More than 50% of those older than 68 did the same thing. As Americans become more concerned with what we are eating and how much we are eating, the more we will read a food label.

The good news is that each bottle, box, bag, can or package of something will be labeled with the serving size, how many servings in the container, the calorie count and the amount of added sugar. These are the main items we look at when we scan a food label. From the sample above, the most important information is better organized, larger and displayed in a more logical way to read. The most valuable information about the new food labels is that the calorie count for the entire package will be displayed on the label. This way, we will know how many calories we’re drinking in a 20 ounce bottle or how many calories we are eating in small package of cookies and more.

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