Tuesday, February 25, 2014

How Personalities Factor in Weight Loss from Forbes Living

There always seems to be a new twist on how to make weight loss work for us. So we thought we would take a look at how personalities factor in the fight to drop some pounds.

Self-centered people take care of themselves first. This works well in getting fit because they will ask friends to meet after a work out or for a snack later, rather than put off the work out to indulge in camaraderie.

Impulsive folks tend to eat emotionally. Instant gratification does not aid the dieter in losing weight. If we delay it, we tend to be happier people who accomplish more later in life. Forbes Living TV suggests deliberately staying away from the food or buffet tables at parties and events. Snack a little before leaving and drink lots of water to feel fuller.

Reliable people will stick to a plan to lose weight until the end. But they will also focus on food. To avoid the pitfalls, create a plan to add exercise into every day tasks. Make that meal plan and grocery shop one day a week for everything needed.

Easy going people also tend to be people pleasers. If someone is not happy with them, they will find food to comfort themselves. Forbes Living suggests taking it easy and just go with the flow of the get fit plan started.

No matter what personality type we are, there are good and bad traits which can sabotage or help us drop unneeded weight. Which type are you?

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