Friday, February 21, 2014

Forbes Living Goes All Natural Food Shopping at the Grocery Store

Forbes Living TV seeks out and finds the right food to get at the grocery store.

The truth behind packaging which says it is made from whole grains or is a multigrain product can be deceiving to most shoppers. A whole grain product is one in which a grain keeps all three of its components (the bran, the germ and the endosperm) intact. When food manufacturers strip the bran and germ from the kernel, we no longer get the benefits of that whole grain. In fact, the refined kernel can mess up blood sugar and insulin. Instead, look for a label on the package that says “100% whole” wheat or look for one with a higher percentage of whole grains.

Foods labeled with “all natural ingredients” are really not all natural. An all natural food item contains very few ingredients which are truly natural like eggs, some peanut butters, and some bread. Also, food labeled with “made with real fruit”. Turn the jar or package around and read the label. If you do not see any real fruit on the label, then there is no real fruit in it. And frankly, if the package does not have a significant percentage of real fruit ingredients in it, the manufacturer is lying.

Another misnomer is the “less sodium” marker on some foods. Forbes Living TV shares that this means that the new version of the food have 25% less sodium than the original version. That doesn’t sound like much of a reduction. Many food packages contain the words “lower sodium” or “lesser sodium” but still pack an unhealthful amount of sodium in the serving size. To avoid eating too much, make your own soup. It is not hard and fairly inexpensive. And of course, the best way enjoy all natural, lower sodium, whole grain food is to buy it in its natural state. Spend more time in the produce section and seek out healthier grain products. Always read the labels.

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