Monday, February 10, 2014

Forbes Living TV with Frostbite Information

Frost bite is affecting more people across the country as winter weather is stronger and digging deeper in to the South. Forbes Living TV shares valuable information about frost bite including how to prevent it as winter drags on for another 6 weeks or more.

What is frost bite and how do we get it?
When our body is exposed to the cold, it tries to preserve heat by sending blood way from the extremities and toward the body’s core. The small blood vessels in the ears, cheeks, fingers, tows and nose will clamp down to prevent blood from going there. Those areas then become cold and the water in those tissues begins to freeze. Depending on how cold it is and how frigid the wind chill factor is – tissue damage can occur in five minutes of being exposed to the cold.

Preventing Frost Bite
  • Layer clothes loosely which creates pockets of air which in turn warms the body.
  • Keep a blanket, warm hat, mittens and a spare pair of extra warm socks in your vehicle during the winter.
  • Throw vanity out the door and always wear a hat that covers the ears and a scarf that covers most of your face if out in the elements.
  • If your vehicle breaks down, Forbes Living TV recommend calling for emergency road service and wait inside your vehicle.
  • If you must abandon your vehicle and walk to safety, use every possible item in the vehicle that can keep your extremities warm and safe from frost bite.

Frostbite Signs
  • Tingling followed with numbness, swelling, aching or burn-like blisters.
  • Go inside and stay inside. Remove cold or wet clothes or jewelry that touch the affected area and soak it in warm water and be sure to circulate water and avoid rubbing the skin until the skin softens and sensation returns.
  • Wrap the affected area in a sterile bandage and check for signs of hypothermia.
  • Check to see if the affected area has any discoloration, has hardened or lost sensation. If so, head the emergency room.
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