Friday, February 7, 2014

Forbes Living TV and Emotional Eating

Who’s to blame for the emotional food binging you indulged in? Forbes Living TV learns that is the same person we blame most things on.

A recent study by University of Illinois researchers, published in the Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics, found that a mom’s relationship with her own mother may be a key factor in whether the youngest generation becomes obese. More American kids who are obese at age 5 have a predilection to be obese as an adult.  Moms who have an insecure relationship with their own mothers will are more likely to pass on unhealthy eating patterns than those with a better attachment and relationship.

The Forbes Living TV show learns that it’s not always okay to blame mom for everything gone wrong in your life. But the study points out that the more insecure she is the more likely she will serve her child and children meals which are not healthy and can later produce obesity. One way to avoid this is to keep unhealthy foods out of the house. It might also be a positive approach to take frustration or hurt feelings outside and walk them off. This is a healthier way to battle emotional eating than comforting yourself and child with processed foods high in sugar and salt.

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