Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Forbes Living TV on Finding the Best Healthy Diet

Do we really know what a healthy diet is? What are the factors that go into a healthy diet?

Many people think that a healthy diet is one which helps a dieter lose weight fast, restricting food intake and upping exercise to the max. But none of this is actually all that healthful. So we decided to take a closer look at what a healthy diet really is and share it.

A healthy diet is one which provides the dieter with a list of healthful nutritious food to eat, meal suggestions and exercises to assist in losing weight and how to do it safely, plus a plan which encourages safe weight loss. The main theme in all healthy diets are adequate calories for the day, lots of fresh fruit, veggies and whole grains, lean protein, non-fat dairy and the occasional treat. The same nutritious staples are needed for kids of all ages. Try introducing new ways to eat the same old items from the produce section such as freezing berries and munching on them as a snack. Once you try it, children may also want to try it.

The Forbes Living TV show advocates for healthy diets over ones that consist of processed foods that come with an unnatural amount of sodium, too much sugar and trans fats. Eating healthy is pretty easy and not all that expensive. Whole grain pasta and rice healthful, good fillers and taste great with sautéed vegetables, low-fat cheese and lean fish or meat. There are an abundance of healthy recipes online too. Experiment to find the dishes the whole family will like.

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