Thursday, August 21, 2014

Forbes Living on Where Working Parents Have it Best

There are working parents all over the world. And there are some cities where being a working better is much better than others. Forbes Living reviews where these places are and what makes them so great.

What makes some places better than others for moms and dads who work?
An affordable cost of living,  an affordable cost of child care, quality of the school system, and the percentage of households with children. Another factor might be how long the average commute is.  Some of the top U.S. cities for working parents are: Gilbert, Arizona which is south of Phoenix, Plano, Texas which is an hour from Dallas, Chandler, Arizona, Freemont and Irvine, California, Garland, Texas, El Paso, Texas, Lexington, Kentucky, Chesapeake, Virginia, Mesa and Scottsdale. Arizona, Chula Vista, California and Laredo, Texas.

Forbes Living TV notes that many of the best places for working parents are in Texas and Arizona. Their cities offer excellent school systems, good career opportunities, relatively short commutes, a large percentage of households with children  and affordable child care.  These are all qualities that many working moms and dads long for and can’t find where they currently live.  This is when ingenuity kicks in and parents find a way to make it work no matter where the family is homesteaded. 


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