Friday, July 18, 2014

Forbes Living on Finding a Goldmine in the Public Library

We are midway through the summer. What can families do together that is affordable and fun? Where can they go to find something to do when the weather is not cooperating? Forbes Living suggests finding a goldmine at the public library.

Almost every city in the country has a public library. Some have shortened days but are nonetheless still open. Inside – a world of family entertainment can be found.

Many local libraries offer discounted tickets to local museums. Grab tickets for everyone and go exploring in another time and place.

Rent a movie or two that everyone will enjoy. Recent flicks are on the shelves as well as the oldies.

Search for ancestors, dig through old family records and photographs and find something new not known.

Some libraries have telescopes in which members can use to gaze into the sky and see what’s there. Explore this new world.

Audio books are great to take on long road trips. They are also fun to listen to at home. Forbes Living TV suggests renting an classic and having a discussion about the characters and plot.

Sort through the variety of self-published magazines libraries have to offer for interesting topics. A favorite subject is pets and another is crafting.

Pick up a flyer with groups meeting there or scan the list of classes offered. There are so many fun things in the local library. Why not see what they have to offer today?

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