Monday, May 19, 2014

Memorial Day Decorating Ideas from Forbes Living

American holiday Memorial Day is early this year on May 26. Many families will be hitting the road or the skies to enjoy a relaxing long weekend with friends and family. Those who are hosting holiday picnics and parties will find some fun Memorial Day decorating ideas below.

Forbes Living TV presents ten fun ways to decorate a picnic table or any outdoor table:
  1. Cover the table the newspaper
  2. Stick little American flags in red and blue plastic cups and toss some small stones in to prevent the cups from tipping over. Position cups with flags around the tables.
  3. Use denim-colored or dark blue placemats.
  4. Using a permanent marker, let each guest write their name on a plastic cup.
  5. Put red, white and blue note cards on the table with markers or pens and ask each person to write a note of thanks to troops serving overseas. Collect them in a basket to mail on the day after the holiday.
  6. Use a tin tub filled with ice for sodas and other drinks.
  7. Make desserts holiday-themed with red and blue berries and pineapple or bananas cut to look like stars.
  8. Baseballs, footballs and other American-themed sports items can be tossed in a colorful container and set the main food table as its centerpiece.
  9. If using sparklers to decorate, be sure to light them away from the table and small children.
  10. Forbes Living suggests sitting beside someone you haven’t seen in a while and catch up

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