Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Forbes Living Wonders Who is Staying at the Hotel?

There are telling signs which wave a big “hot shot staying here” flag at hotels. But how do the regular Joe and Jane know? Forbes Living shares a few secrets about how to know who that famous person is staying at the hotel.

Look in the parking lot. If you see a lot of big, dark cars and SUVs, chances are there is celebrity, athlete or other big shot staying there.

Listen carefully. If you hear the concierge and other hotel staff making odd comments such as “the package has arrived”, chances are the hot shot just pulled into the parking lot or perhaps checked in at the front desk. Also listen to strange names when someone checks in like Raggedy Ann or Jack Beanstalk.

Do some staff members have a little something extra pinned to their uniforms? Perhaps a little button? These folks have passed the vetting process and are allowed on certain floors where the power guest is staying. That little button lets the security detail know that the staffer is allowed up there.

Look up. As in way, way up. The very top floor of any nice hotel is usually the penthouse floor and that’s where the famous and politically famous like to rest.

Forbes Living TV suggests always be aware of these things which can signify that someone well-known is staying at the same hotel. Remember that if someone else asks for a photo or autograph first, then the celebrity is fair game. (Even if it their ghost)

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