Thursday, May 22, 2014

Forbes Living – Where the Selfies Are

What cities are photographed the most in a selfie smart phone photos? Forbes Living finds out.

When out and about this Memorial Day weekend, we bet most readers will take at least one selfie. Where you take them matters as we found out when searching for the most photographed cities for those who tend to be more narcissistic than others.

London, England is the number one city in the world for selfie pictures. With all of its fantastic castles, Big Ben, the London Bridge etc. there is no reason why it would rank lower. Who knows? Maybe Prince Harry will photobomb your self-taken picture the next time?

A travel site called collected data from more than 6 million social media pages to compile the list of most photographed city in a selfie. New York and Amsterdam came in second and third with Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Sydney, Istanbul, and Athens following to make the top 10 selfie cities. And in some cities, zoo animals are taking selfies with cameras mounted on tree branches.

Forbes Living TV wants to know where do take the most selfies? Home? Vacation? On the back of the boat in the blog below? Snap a shot and share it with us. 


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