Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Forbes Living TV on Working with Soon-To-Be New Moms at Work

Spring is baby season and many offices may see a bump in expectant moms. Forbes Living offers tips on working with pregnant co-workers.

It should go without saying but it must be said anyway:
  • Never ask an expectant mom how much weight she’s gained
  • Never comment what she’s wearing or eating
  • Don’t offer pregnancy or parenting advice if not asked
  • Don’t touch the woman’s tummy without asking unless you are the dad and we are not joking
  • Avoid any questions about planned or surprise pregnancies.

It’s okay to ask if she knows the gender of her child. It’s also okay to ask what names are being considered. But please, keep any negative personal thoughts about gender and names to yourself. Forbes Living also suggests asking if there is something you can do to help the expectant mom in the office. Maybe a run to the nearest deli for lunch. Perhaps she has a doctor appointment and needs her desk covered. Hopefully, the requests for assistance won’t be too many making colleagues feel taken advantage of. As the baby’s arrival time nears, make plans to take the mom out for lunch or host an office baby shower. Let her know that her job awaits her when she returns. Soon, the pictures of the baby will start circulating and those who want to see them can. Here’s hoping that baby season is a happy one for both soon-to-be mom and her colleagues and co-workers.

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