Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Forbes Living Shares a Five Part Series on Skin Care and Beauty

You can have beautiful skin at any age as long as you take care of yourself from the inside out. Forbes Living has put together a five part series on skin care and beauty secrets. We will share tips on what to eat, the type of products to use and how exercise affects your skin as well.

When it comes to skin care it is important think about the products you are using on your skin and the foods you eat. Certain foods will make your eyes and face look puffy while others give your skin a nice glow. In this this five part series the producers of Forbes Living have come up with several tips in various areas of skin care. You will find out ways to make your skin glow, feel and look soft and how protect it.

We will also introduce to some of our favorite beauty bloggers with more tips on the topics that we will be sharing. One of our favorite beauty blogs is (http://www.mybeautybunny.com/). We love this one because the tips are great but they also promote cruelty free products. We will focus on six areas of skin care and beauty.

Forbes Living Shares Skin Care and Beauty Tips in a Five Part Series

Cleansers and Moisturizers-you will learn about the different types of cleansers and moisturizers on the market and which ones work best for each skin type and why. For great tips on cleansers and moisturizers go to http://www.15minutebeauty.com/. for Beautiful Skin-beautiful skin begins with health and the food you eat. We will give you a list of the super foods for beautiful skin and how they improve the texture and appearance of skin.

Exercise and Skin-exercise has a direct effect on the skin. This article will explain why exercise is good for your skin and what the many benefits are.

Ingredients that Work Best-we will share some of the natural ingredients that help acne, dry skin, wrinkles and various skin conditions.

Homemade Masks and Exfoliators-there are many skin care masks and exfoliators that you can create from the ingredients in your own kitchen. Not only will you save money by creating your own products but you will know exactly what you are putting on your skin.

Protecting the Skin-this article will describe the different types of sunblock on the market as well as other ways to protect your skin from the sun and air.     

The producers of Forbes Living are excited about creating this six part series on beauty and skin care. Another beauty blog we recommend for beauty tips is http://www.cosmetically-challenged.com/.

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