Friday, March 21, 2014

Forbes Living TV with Simple Suggestions to Finding Happiness

Yesterday was International Happiness Day. Health and wellness experts advocate for a happier life for everyone because it could mean staying healthier longer. Forbes Living TV finds some ways to look for and find happiness every day – even when it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

Sometimes, when life’s obstacles become so burdensome, it is really hard to find one thing that makes us happy. Yet, this is the one time when it is essential to finding one. We offer some simple ideas to finding happiness as the death of fashion designer L’Wren Scott weighs heavily on our minds.

Look down. Is there an animal in your life that loves you and needs your love and care? Is there a child who sees a beautiful person to look up to?

Look up. Is there a significant other in your life who does not see the same darkness as you? Name one thing about this person that makes you happy. Focus on it.

Look outside. Is the sun shining or trying to break through some clouds? This is a sign of hope. Inhale its goodness.

Look around. Find one item in your home that makes you happy. Maybe it’s your smart phone which connects you to the people in your life. Call someone. Maybe it’s a photo of someone special. Reach out.

Look in the mirror. There is an accomplished, valuable person looking back. There are people who need and want this person in their life. Smile. Obstacles are meant be surmounted. You have done this before. You can do it again. Keep smiling at yourself in the mirror. When you get tired of it, have a cookie or some snack you had as a child that made you happy. Then have some more. Remember how it felt when you ate it as a child.

If all else fails, the Forbes Living TV show suggests putting a favorite CD in a player, put headphones on or ear buds in and have your own little rock concert. Turn the volume up and sing as loud as you can. Dance as badly as you want all over the place. Shake your head, flail your arms, stomp your feet until you are exhausted. Now smile. You just annoyed the heck out of the neighbors.

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