Thursday, February 13, 2014

Forbes Living TV—Fitness Series Part III—Sexy Arms

Having beautifully toned arms is easier than you might think. A few exercises every other day can turn flabby arms into arms you will be proud to show off. Some women are afraid they will get too bulky if they work their arms but that is not the case. Working out your arms will tone them.

When it comes to fitness you need to set a few goals for yourself. Figure out what you want to work on. Many women like to have toned arms so that they can wear sleeveless dresses and shirts. Forbes Living TV did a bit of research and came up with a few exercises to strengthen and tone your arms.

Forbes Living TV on Exercises to Tone up Your Arms

Triceps-sit on a chair with your hands behind you on the edge of the chair and then lift yourself up and down off of the seat. You should do two sets of 10 repetitions. For more arm exercises go to one of our favorite workout sites

Push-ups-this is an easy exercise that anyone can do. There are many ways to do this exercise. If you are just beginning you may want to start doing push-ups against the wall. When you feel a bit stronger you can move on to the floor. You can use your knees and then straighten your legs when you feel stronger. You will have to gauge yourself on this one. It can take a bit of time to build yourself up. You should set your goal to doing two sets of 10 repetitions. Here is another site for great workout ideas and tips on doing push-ups

Bicep Curls-you can use 3-5 pound weights for this exercise. Hold the weights in your hands with your arms in front of you and your palms face out. Then you want to bend your elbow and lift the weights up to your shoulder without touching it. Lift the weights for a slow count of 4 and then lower them for a slow count of 4. You should do 12 repetitions.

Make sure you warm up before any exercise routine. When you finish your exercises you should stretch your muscles and cool down. The producers of Forbes Living TV suggest you try these exercises to tone up your arms. Learn more about the importance of stretching at

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