Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Forbes Living TV with the Most Secure Large Cities in the U.S.

Where do you want to live today? The States offer many great small to large cities which we call home. Some are safer than others, though. Forbes Living TV shares the list of Most Secure Places to Live in the U.S., from the latest Farmers Insurance Group of Companies.

The criteria for the list includes:
Economic stability, crime statistics, extreme weather, risk of natural disasters, housing depreciation, foreclosures, air quality, environmental hazards, life expectancy, motor vehicle fatalities, and employment numbers. Keep in mind that the survey ranked large cities with populations over 500,000. 

The top five cities are:
1. Bethesda–Gaithersburg–Frederick, Md.
2. Grand Rapids–Wyoming, Mich.
3. Pittsburgh, Pa.                                                         
4. Austin–Round Rock, Texas
5. Cambridge–Newton–Framingham, Mass.

When looking at the complete list, Forbes Living TV sees three cities in Texas, three cities in California (two of which are in the Bay area), and two cities in Massachusetts. It is also notable that the top five cities have a positive employment outlook and affordable costs of living. If relocating to find work is in your future, why not take a closer look at what is available in your field for each of the cities on the list that interest you?  Families will find that there is great variety of activities for everyone to enjoy from the arts to outdoor fun. One other thing to consider might be finding a place to live outside of the city listed. Often, the commute is not that long and housing prices might be lower. 

If not planning a move, see if your city made the list. If it did, brag about it on social media. (Way to go Pittsburgh, PA!)

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