Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Forbes Living TV on the Myth of Microwaving Veggies

There are some days when the thought of spending one minute in the kitchen could make us run out the door to the nearest fast-food place. These are the days when we are whipped from work and plan to microwave everything for dinner – even veggies – just to get it on the table fast. Does the thought of nuking all the goodness out of them freak you out a little? Don’t worry about it. Forbes Living TV has some good news.

You know that steaming vegetables is the best way to cook them without the possibility of losing nutrients and vitamins. Well steaming in the microwave works too and nothing gets lost under the plastic wrap. And it’s considered one of the best ways to good vegetables so they don’t lose their nutritional value.

Use a plastic wrap that says “microwave safe” on it or risk having food taste funny.
Use a little bit of water in the container with the veggies and in seconds you will have perfectly fine broccoli, beans, carrots or whatever you like.

Forbes Living TV notes that microwaving tomatoes and carrots makes their carotenoids more available to our bodies. It makes the biotin in eggs digestible. And heat kills bacteria in food that can make us sick. Just remember that a little bit of water and a tight plastic wrap lid on the container will yield nicely steamed  veggies which are still chock full of the good stuff. Bon appetite.

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