Thursday, January 16, 2014

Forbes Living TV -- Love My Pet Health News

There are 70 million dogs and 74 million cats in American homes being loved, spoiled and neglected in health care. Forbes Living TV offers some preventative health care suggestions for pet owners in Love My Pet news.

You’ve heard that the American population is fighting obesity. So is its pet population.  The percentage of pets who are overweight or are obese are downright shocking:
Dogs – 37%
Cats – 90%
Pets become obese from being fed too much and not getting enough exercise. Their weight problem can result in medial problems, just like their human owners: diabetes, arthritis, kidney and thyroid problems. Some pet owners have no idea their animals are not well because they are not getting annual check-ups from the vet. Visits to the family veterinarian are down 21% for dogs and 30% for cats since 2001. However, emergency visits are up.

Forbes Living TV notes that as an animal gets older, it needs at least an annual check-up from the vet. While the price of an office visit and any blood work which needs done can be a bit expensive, it is well worth the cost to keep the family fur-kid healthy. Dogs, and especially cats are pretty good at not showing they don’t feel well.

Forbes Living TV knows this is the primary reason to take family pets in for regular check-ups. If cost is a factor and you have been going to that vet for a while, ask if the visit and any tests can be billed. The important thing is to be sure the treasured and loved family pet or pets are healthy and stay healthy. Prevention is key and preventative exams can be lifesavers.

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