Monday, January 27, 2014

Forbes Living TV and How Exercise Immediately Affects You

Most people do not think of the immediate affects of exercise, but rather than short or long-term effects. We wanted to share what we learned about how our bodies and minds feel after one 30 minute brisk walk.

Here are some of the benefits we get:
Our mood improves. The release of endorphins is one of the noticeable changes we found from a quick walk. This “feel good” neurotransmitter is one of the main reasons why people exercise.

Forbes Living TV notes that our DNA changes. Sure, we inherit some genes from our parents. But after one workout certain genes “turn on” and that affects metabolism and strength.

University of Michigan researchers found in 2007 that a single cardio workout increased storage of fat in muscle, which actually improved insulin sensitivity. Low insulin sensitivity, often called insulin resistance, can lead to diabetes. So it seems that one workout works at preventing diabetes.

The blood flow to the brain which comes from the heavy breathing exercise brings helps us get and stay focused both before and after sweat session.

It makes us feel good to know that one brisk walk eases stress with all of the above factors factoring in. Forbes Living TV encourages readers to go outside at work and take a 30 minute brisk walk on lunch break. It will ease stiffness in the joints, legs and back, gets blood flowing and helps ease the stress of daily job tasks. The immediate affects of exercise make us feel better and help us stay focused all day and in to the evening.

A brisk walk at lunch boosts focus

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